October, 1993 : NAKAJIMA GIKEN has been established.
November, 1996 : It has been incorporated as NAKAJIMA GIKEN CO., LTD.

We are the manufacturer of Single Fluoride Crystals. The experience and technical know-how cultivated through 26 year production of Single Fluoride Crystals by our president will assure you good quality, prompt delivery and low price. We sincerely hope much more customers can use the superior optical characteristics of Single Fluoride Crystals. We are convinced to serve for you. Contact us without hesitation for more information.

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5-28-14, Kumegawa-Cho, Higashi Murayama-city, Tokyo, japan, 189-0003
Tel: +81-42-397-4155 Fax: +81-42-398-1398
E-mail: info@nakajima-giken.co.jp